If you need this guide in another format please email info.unarchaeology@gmail.com and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

A PDF of this document can be downloaded HERE

UnArchaeology Conference Access Guide

This guide contains information about the event and links to the main panel and live document areas, including a description of what to expect at each. The team can be contacted at any time before, during and after the event via social media (@UnArchaeology,  #UnArch2021) and email info.unarchaeology@gmail.com, as well as on the day through the chat channels and live document.

This is a working document.
We will add extra information as it is needed or requested.

If you have any questions or additional access requests after reading this document please email info.unarchaeology@gmail.com with the subject “Access”, or DM us on social media, by Friday 14th May. We will do our best to accommodate you.


UnArchaeology is determined to make archaeological practice and discourse as accessible as possible. The conference event has been designed to use digital technology to remove some of the barriers experienced at real life conference venues and actively encourage feedback so we can improve the ways in which we work. Please get in touch via our anonymous contact forms here:  https://unarchaeology.org/contact-us/.

        What to Expect on the Day

        Live Event Schedule

All times are tentative and subject to change prior to the event.


11:00 – Opening Remarks

11:10 – Panel 1 (Hour 1)

12:10 – Ten minute break

12:20 – Panel 1 (Hour 2)

13:20 –  Round down

13:40 – Lunch and Musical break

14:40 – Panel 2 (Hour 1)

15:40 – Ten minute break

15:50 – Panel 2 (Hour 2)

16:50 Round down

17:10 – Wind Up and Closing Remarks

The full schedule for the day can be found at https://unarchaeology.org/live-event-schedule/ . Any changes or updates will be posted on our website.

There will be a 10 minute break at the halfway point (1 hour) of the 2 hour-long panel sessions. We will have a lunch and musical break of at least an hour between the two panels.

        Accessing Online Platforms

The UnArchaeology Conference will be made up of a livestream panel event, streamed via Twitch and Youtube as well as a “Live Document” hosted through Google Jam Boards.

The links to the live streams and documents will be available on our website at www.unarchaeology.org/event-links

When you access this web page, a pop-up (pictured below) will appear with links to UnArchaeology’s Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy.

By proceeding to participate in any UnArchaeology activities, you agree to these terms and conditions which are in place to safeguard all participants, panellists, and co-organisers.

By clicking the blue ‘Close’ button at the top right-hand corner of the pop-up, you will be able to proceed to the desired page and access the event links.

Image shows a popup. UnArchaeology Participation T's and C's. By participating in any UnArchaeology activities including but not limited to chats, live documents, or panels, you are agreeing to adhere to the UnArchaeology Code of Conduct and agree to UnArchaeology’s Privacy Policy which includes consent to collect data for the purposes of research and improving participant experience in the future. Please read the full policies for details. Code of Conduct Privacy Policy

        Live Panel Video Stream

We expect participants to adhere to our Code of Conduct: https://unarchaeology.org/code-of-conduct

Following the event, a transcript of each panel will be made available on the UnArchaeology website. These transcripts will be automatically created using Otter.ai and hand corrected by the UnArchaeology team. Please allow a few days after the event for the transcript to be made available to the public.  

There will be live captions for this event generated by the meeting platform we are using. The automatic captions are separated by individual speakers allowing for more clarity as to who is speaking and when.

There will not be live audio description available, however, we will not be using any non-decorative visual elements beyond video of the panellists. Any text or relevant images that do appear on the screen will be read aloud and the panellists will describe themselves at the beginning of the event.

        The Live Document (Google Jamboard)

This is an experiment intended to include the audience in the conference in a way that is creative and anonymous. Conceptually, the Live Document is a blank canvas for the audience to put their thoughts and ideas on, during the live panel. The audience has the opportunity to write, type and/or scrawl on the board.

The live document can be accessed via our website: https://unarchaeology.org/event-links

You will need to open the Live Document in a separate window or tab in addition to the livestream. We appreciate this may not be possible for mobile devices, so we recommend using a computer or two devices if you have them.

We realise that some participants may only have mobile access. The Live Document will be accessible 1 hour before and 3 hours after the streamed event. This allows mobile only users to interact with the document outside of the live event. A Google account is not required to access the Jamboard from a computer or laptop but the app (and thus google account) is required for mobile and other devices.

There will be moderators looking after the Live Document to ensure it is a safe and comfortable environment. You can see our Code of Conduct here: https://unarchaeology.org/code-of-conduct.

We will be recording the Live Document content as part of the results of the conference. It may be used (anonymously) as part of research publications and to inform future UnArchaeology events. Our privacy policy can be seen here: https://unarchaeology.org/privacy-policy.

        How to use the Live Document (Jamboard)

This is what the Live Document looks like.

Above the Jamboard, beneath the internet search bar, there is a box with arrows on either side and numbers in the middle. The numbers will let you know which frame you are on and how many there are in total.  The left-hand arrow will take you back to a previous frame and the right-hand arrow will take you to a new frame. You can make a new frame by continuing to click on the right-hand, forward, arrow.


On the left-hand side of the Jamboard is the icon bar. This is a vertical string of icons:

  1. A pen which enables users to draw on the board in a range of colours. Clicking this icon reveals different pen textures and colours
  2. An eraser to erase anything you have created.
  3. The mouse pointer with a black circle around it allows you to select other objects on the board.
  4. A sticky note, a colourful text box that can be made bigger or smaller by dragging the corners.
  5. Icon of an image which, when clicked, enables you to upload an image either from your computer or from the web.
  6. The blank circle, is the shape icon. Clicking on the small arrow next to the circle will reveal a selection of shapes to choose from. The colour of the shapes can be changed by clicking on the edit and fill icons that will appear at the top of the Jamboard. They only appear there when the shape icon is selected.
  7. A box with a ‘T’ inside it allows you to create a text box which can be custom sized by dragging the corners.
  8. A zig-zagging image which is a laser pointer.

The Jamboard platform is compatible with the screen-reader Google TalkBack and some other screen readers, however, images within the frames are identified as strings of numbers. We are currently trying to find ways of ensuring that all content on the Jamboard is accessible to all participants, but high volumes of traffic may impede the pace at which text descriptions can be provided by the moderators.

If you have any questions or concerns about this element, please contact us at info.unarchaeology@gmail.com      

Contact Us

Please contact us at any time with any requirements, questions, and concerns that you wish to raise. We strive to make UnArchaeology accessible for all and we want to hear from you so that we can improve.

        Social Media

The conference will have the hashtag #UnArch2021 (please make sure to use capitals for screen readers) and can be followed on Twitter and other platforms. Live tweeting and commenting are encouraged, and we may collect hashtagged tweets to create moments on Twitter.

Twitter : @UnArchaeology

Instagram: @Unarchaeology

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/unarchaeology/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnArchaeology-100535392180227


During the event, UnArchaeology’s Co-organising Committee will be moderating social media platforms, the chats on Twitch and YouTube, and the Jamboard constantly. There will be at least two moderators per platform to ensure constant coverage and comfort for the team.

Meet the team here: https://unarchaeology.org/unarchaeology-organising-committee.

The entire team is committed to safeguarding participants and each other and can be contacted through any of these platforms.

Twitter (@UnArchaeology) and #UnArch2021 are more likely to receive a faster response but you can also email us at: info.unarchaeology@gmail.com.


Our email address is info.unarchaeology@gmail.com

The email inbox is checked regularly. A member of the UnArchaeology Co-Organising Committee will respond to your email as soon as possible.


We will be surveying the audience for their feedback on how they feel about the conference. This is an optional survey and just gives us an idea of what people are experiencing by attending. Input from these surveys will be used to improve future UnArchaeology events and may contribute to any publications after the fact.

For more information about how this data might be used, please review UnArchaeology’s Privacy Policy at https://unarchaeology.org/privacy-policy/