Andrew Hoaen (He/Him)

I was I suppose a ‘reluctant’ archaeologist. I started off in the early 80’s as an archaeologist because I was on long term unemployment benefits and so worked on a series of schemes designed to get young unemployed people back into work. Eventually, I went back to university and now have a portfolio career teaching both archaeology and science mainly in widening participation institutes. As a disabled, working class person, my main interest in this conference is how we increase diversity in archaeology. I would argue that to increase this diversity we need a broader range of entry points into the discipline. Currently, archaeology is mostly offered by a small number of elite institutions that have traditionally not accepted working class students. Because of COVID I have enjoyed growing my hair out. Away from work I like to cycle and sit on the couch, I keep my hand in field archaeology by helping out on the excavations at Street House one of the longest running and best community archaeology projects.