Bec Lambert (She/Her)

Hello, I’m Bec Lambert, a postgraduate archaeological researcher, Cataphile and landscape punk, who wanders and ponders the liminal places within the world. My projects cover a broad spectrum; from underpasses to pylons; paranoid architecture through to future ghosts. However dissimilar these topics may initially appear, they all come together, highlighting connectivity through the temporal, liminal and physical

I initiated, and am the lead researcher for, Underpasses Are Liminal Places.  A worldwide community archaeology project with over 100 participants, which is run primarily through Twitter. I am also the creator of the Liminal Worlds project and oversee the LW website which actively encourages people around the world to engage with their local surroundings, and each other, through mixed media.

Connectivity Is Key

Twitter: @LadyLiminal1

Instagram: lambert5099

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud/ladyliminal

YouTube: Liminal Worlds

Research Email: