Code of Conduct We want you to actively participate and engage freely with this interactive document; it is a new, experimental medium reflective of the deconstruction of traditional boundaries that this conference seeks to achieve. 

We hope there will be a strong digital dialogue surrounding the panels and engaging in wider archaeological themes. However, to safeguard all our participants our moderators will be ensure that the following are adhered to by everyone at all times:

  1. Please keep discussion in the live chat and engagement with the interactive document positive and polite. 
  1. Any aggressive or threatening content and depictions of violence will be removed.
  1. Anything obscene, insulting or personally targeting an individual will be removed.
  1. There is zero tolerance of any language, images or activity discriminating against any sex, gender, sexuality, race, religion, and/or disability. Any such content will be removed and may result in the participant being blocked.

Our Code of Conduct should not be seen as an exhaustive list, moderators will use their discretion and any behaviour that seeks to flout this code will be removed. 

In the context of the live chat, participants breaking the code will receive a warning (in addition to the content being removed). Participants who repeatedly break this code may be blocked. If there is something you wish to dispute please contact us and we will do our best to address it within a reasonable time frame.