UnArchaeology Live Panel

May 22nd 2021!

Too often, conference presentations and panels are focused on narrowly defined topics which culminate in simple questions and answers. We feel that this format does not allow for ideas to grow and develop within the session. To better foster the sharing of not just information, but ideas, we want to build a conference format that is conversational. Thus, facilitating warm discussion amongst people with different perspectives, creating a larger discussion within archaeological theory and praxis.

We plan to have two panels on the day. The themes are broad in hopes that our participants can bring more to the table than would a narrowly defined topic. We want our panellists to have a say in the topics they discuss within the theme.

Following each panel, we will have a short “Round Down” discussion where we will loosely summarise the panel. At the end of the day we will do a “Wind Up” discussion where we talk about what’s been learned and what is next.

We will also have an accompanying Live Document for the audience to take a more active role, including them as participants rather than just an audience. This is described more below.

(Dis)Connectivity in Archaeology Dealing with the different aspects and areas of archaeology that sometimes seem fragmented and disconnected.
            Archaeology, by its very nature, seems fragmented and delineated. We see this in the ways in which Academia is dichotomously placed at odds with commercial archaeology. Both of which are separated again from community archaeology. This separation resonates from a deeper structure, one of hierarchical knowledge, that the past is somehow “unlocked” by “those who know” and that what ails the world today is just the “right facts” said by “the right person”. This continues the focus in the same cycle of ignorance and knowledge without any disruption to the form of the knowledge creation or mediation. While many people would agree with the need for change, the steps to that fundamental shift are murky or nebulous and not readily talked about.

Mutual Aid/DIY Archaeology How to collaborate and build in the ability for others to assist with your projects and goals and how the reliance on large institutions within archaeology can be decentralised.
Often faced with little or no budgets, and high expectations, many projects rely on getting the right people to volunteer. Is there be a better way for people to interact and assist one another that creates collaborative spaces and outcomes? What would the blueprints be for this way of working together and what steps can we take to begin to form a practice of partnership, informally, and in the spirit of aiding one another? Are there ways to promote the informal creation of materials and methodologies that don’t rely on the rubber stamp of an institution? 


Finally, as part of the “unconference” format, we are introducing a Live Document. Each panel will have its own live document which will serve as a digital whiteboard, allowing the audience to take an active part in the discussion rather than a passive role.  The audience can then be part of the conference and contribute in a unique and meaningful way. The finished live documents will become one of the key outcomes of the event. As of this point we are testing Google Jamboard to ensure that it serves our requirements sufficiently.

More information about how to participate can be found here. We strive to provide an accessible event for all. If you feel that we could be providing a better experience for anyone, please let us know.  All accessibility requests will be entirely confidential.